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Beta-Reading of Fiction

Beta-reading of your fiction manuscript to make the science (and the scientists!) credible.

As well as being the author of numerous science articles, Matthew is also an editor and beta-reader of fiction, particularly speculative science, science fiction, and fantasy, and is uniquely qualified to assess your manuscript and give you an insight into science and research.

As an expert beta-reader, The Science Editor will give you a fresh perspective on your manuscript, make sure that your plot is credible and the science is correct, and give you a unique insight into science.

The beta-reading service is fast and affordable, and includes an in-depth report of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, as well as detailed descriptions of any flaws and suggestions about how to remedy them.

The Science Editor beta-reading services will spot the problems, fill the plot holes, and provide solutions to make your novel the best it can be!

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Beta-reading services

The beta-reading services include:
• A written assessment of your manuscript in full and how it could be improved.
• Detailed assessment of the science and concepts described in your manuscript.
• Research and fact-checking.
• Problem-solving and ideas to fill the scientific holes in the plot.

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What genres can The Science Editor beta-read?

As an avid reader, fiction author, and experienced beta-reader, The Science Editor can edit any genre but specializes in the following:

• Speculative science
• Science fiction
• Fantasy
• Steampunk

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Scientific beta-reading packages and prices

The Science Assessment Prices

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Get a quote for beta-reading

For a beta-reading quote, please contact The Science Editor and let us know the following:

• Genre of manuscript.
• Length of manuscript.
• Services required (beta-reading, science assessment, additional research, proofreading, or editing).

You may also send The Science Editor your manuscript before beta-reading if you'd prefer.

The Science Editor get back to you as soon as possible with the cost and the expected turnaround time.

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The Science Editor Services