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Science Consulting Services

If you need an independent assessment of your project or some fresh ideas about where to take your research, then The Science Editor will be able to help.

Whether there's a problem that you can't see your way around or your project just needs a fresh perspective, The Science Editor will provide solutions and strategies to enable your project to reach its full potential.

The Science Editor is also available for science communication role including interviews and media appearances.

What consulting services does The Science Editor offer?

Standard science consulting services include:
• Pre-submission assessment of grants, theses and manuscripts
• Problem solving
• Data analysis
• Science for marketing
• Interviews and media appearances

Every project is unique, so even if you do not see the service you require above, get in touch with The Science Editor to discuss your project.

Please note:
The Science Editor will not consult or collaborate with tobacco companies or on projects related to facilitating the extraction of fossil fuels. The supply or refusal of consultation services is entirely at the discretion of Dr Grimshaw.

Why you should use The Science Editor's consulting services

• The Science Editor is an expert in the biological and health sciences.
• As well as his core expertise in molecular biology, The Science Editor has a wide range of experience in diverse fields.
• The Science Editor will assist you in identifying both the problem and the best way to solve it.

Cost of consulting services

The majority of consulting services are charged by the hour or by day, with prices starting from AU$75/hour.

A discount for selected charities and institutions is available at the discretion of The Science Editor.

Get a quote for science consulting

For a quote for science consulting, please contact The Science Editor and let us know the following:

• Type of consultation or collaboration required.
• Description of project.
• Intended outcomes.
• Timescale, estimated hours required and deadline.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can with the cost and the expected turnaround time.

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