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Science Writing

Clear, concise, engaging writing by The Science Editor.

Expert and fully researched science writing for academia, business and media by The Science Editor on a wide-range of topics to inform your audience.

What types of article can The Science Editor write?

The Science Editor can write many types of article for a wide variety of audiences, including:
• Popular science articles
• News articles and press releases
• Manuscripts
• Grant applications
• Magazine and blog articles
• Books

Please note:
The Science Editor will not write exam answers, essays or theses for students.

Why you should use The Science Editor's writing services

• The Science Editor is a highly experienced science writer across a wide range of topics.
• The article will be tailored to your intended audience.
• You know who your writer is and The Science Editor will be there throughout your project.


The cost of science writing will depend on the length and type of the article required, as well as the amount of research necessary, but as a guide, science writing is charged as follows (AU$):
Non-technical article (web)            From $0.40 per word
Non-technical article (print)            From $0.60 per word
Technical article                             From $1.00 per word
Formatted article                           From $1.80 per word

Get a quote for Science Writing

For a quote for science writing, please contact The Science Editor and let us know the following:

• Proposed title of text and topic.
• Type of article – e.g., magazine article, manuscript.
• Description of text, style and intended audience.
• Length of text (number of words).
• Deadline.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can with the cost and the expected turnaround time.

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