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Scientific Editing

The Science Editor will polish your writing to make it clear, concise, and have the maximum impact.

Scientific editing services are available for articles, theses, grant applications, manuscripts, and books. Dr Grimshaw will not only correct any errors in your text but will also improve the overall flow, structure, and clarity of your work, making it more compelling and easier to understand.

The Science Editor's scientific editing service is priced competitively compared to many academic editing companies as you're dealing directly with The Science Editor. You'll know who your scientific editor is and if your manuscript or text goes through several rounds of editing, The Science Editor will still be there for your project.

With extensive experience in scientific editing in a huge number of fields, The Science Editor can expertly edit documents in most scientific fields, as well as in economics and finance.

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What does scientific editing include?

The Science Editor's editing services include:
• Proofreading to find and correct typos and grammatical errors
• Revising sentences and paragraphs to improve readability
• Improving the flow and content to make the text concise and understandable
• Suggestions about how to improve the text and a report describing common errors

Additional formatting options, including for target journals and references, are also available.

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What types of documents can The Science Editor edit?

The Science Editor can edit almost any type of document including:
• Theses
• Manuscripts
• Grant applications
• Magazine and blog articles
• Books

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What fields can The Science Editor edit?

The Science Editor's editing services are suitable for most fields. The only major exceptions are the fields of mathematics, physics, and programming.

The Science Editor's areas of expertise include:
• Biology and chemistry
• Medicine, surgery, and dentistry
• Environmental sciences
• Economics and finance

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Editing packages and prices

The Science Editing Prices

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Get a quote for scientific editing

For a scientific editing quote, please contact The Science Editor and let us know the following:

• Length (no. of words)
• Type of document – e.g., thesis, manuscript, grant application
• Field and topic
• UK or USA (or other) English
• Excluded sections – e.g., references, tables
• Formatting requirements or target journal (extra charges may apply)

You may also send The Science Editor the document before editing if you'd prefer.

The Science Editor will get back to you as soon as possible with the cost and expected turnaround time.

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