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The Science Editor is like a superhero for your research - finding your mistakes,
making your text readable, explaining things clearly, spotting the problems and finding the answer.

Whether you need your thesis proofread, your manuscript edited, your data
explained or your project assessed, The Science Editor can help!

About The Science Editor

Dr Grimshaw holds a first-class degree in biochemistry and a PhD in molecular biology.
He has worked in a number of universities and labs in Australia and the UK, including Imperial College London, Cancer Research UK and King's College, as well as with pharma and biotech companies in the UK and USA. Dr Grimshaw's research is primarily in the fields of molecular biology and oncology, but he has a wide experience of working within many fields of science and medicine. As a scientist and the author of many scientific papers and articles for a wide variety of audiences, Dr Grimshaw has the expertise and the eye for detail to improve your writing and provide solutions and strategies to enable your project to reach its full potential.

Portrait of The Science Editor Dr Matthew Grimshaw


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