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Scientific Editing & Assessment
and Economics Editing

Let your project reach its full potential with The Science Editor

The Science Editor is an experienced research scientist and editor with experience in a wide range of health and biological sciences fields, as well as in economics, business, and finance. The Science Editor has an in-depth understanding of the scientific method and data analysis and can edit your writing, assess your project, solve problems, and suggest ways to improve your research.

Whether you need your manuscript edited or your project assessed prior to submission, The Science Editor will maximize your project's impact.

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Science Editing

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To ensure that your research paper, manuscript, or grant proposal meets the high standards of publication, The Science Editor will edit your text to help you improve the clarity and increase the impact of your writing.

The editing service also includes a report describing any consistent errors to help you improve your writing.

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Scientific Assessment

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Get a presubmission assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your approach, data, and analysis. The Science Editor is an experienced biological sciences consultant with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The scientific assessment service includes editing of your manuscript, grant application, or thesis and a detailed report about your project, as well as ideas about how to solve any issues prior to submission.

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Economics & Finance Editing

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Economics, business, and finance editing by a PhD-qualified scientist.

With over 10 years' experience in editing economics & finance articles, the Science Editor has a unique, science-driven perspective to economics & finance research that will give your writing added clarity and impact.

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