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About The Science Editor

Dr Grimshaw - A PhD-qualified scientist and expert editor

Originally from the UK, Dr Matthew Grimshaw now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, overlooking the beach.

Matthew holds a first-class degree in biochemistry and a PhD in molecular biology from Imperial College (London, UK).
He has worked in a number of universities and labs in Australia and the UK, including Cancer Research UK and King's College, as well as with pharma and biotech companies in the UK and USA.

Dr Grimshaw's research is primarily in the fields of molecular biology and oncology, but he has wide experience in editing and writing within many fields of science and medicine. For over 10 years, Dr Grimshaw has been a freelance scientific editor and consultant. He has edited several thousand manuscripts, theses, and grant applications and has consulted with numerous research groups to assess their project and data and to provide suggestions about how to increase the impact of their project and maximize its chance of success.

As well as scientific editing, Matthew is also highly experienced in editing within the fields of economics, business, and finance. With his understanding of the scientific method, The Science Editor can bring a unique perspective to research into, for example, behavioral psychology and data analysis in economics papers.

Dr Grimshaw has the expertise and the eye for detail to allow your research to reach its potential.

Portrait of The Science Editor Dr Matthew Grimshaw

Editing Fields

Dr Grimshaw has a huge amount of experience in a number of diverse fields and can edit (almost) any paper, particularly in the fields of medicine and biology. As well as healthcare and biological sciences, Matthew has extensive experience editing manuscripts in the fields of economics and finance. Below is a list of core fields and topics suitable for The Science Editor's services. The list is not exhaustive, so please get in touch if you do not see your field of expertise there.

Scientific editing fields and topics

Molecular biology, medicine, oncology, biochemistry, immunology, environmental sciences, and economics and finance.

Scientific assessment fields and topics

Molecular biology, medicine, oncology, biochemistry, and immunology.

Economics editing fields and topics

Economics, business, and finance.

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